Keith Lemon fears fans will get sick of him

'Celebrity Juice' host Keith Lemon has revealed he worries viewers will get sick of seeing him on TV after signing up to host a new show, 'Through the Keyhole'

Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon is worried viewers will get sick of seeing him on TV.

The funnyman is set to front a revamped version of classic game show 'Through the Keyhole' on ITV, as well as a new series of hit show 'Celebrity Juice', but he admits he is concerned audiences will soon tire of watching him.

He explained to The Sun newspaper: "I've only got a year left until everyone starts hating me. People will be saying you're on telly too much like Holly [Willoughby] and Davina [McCall] or Phillip Schofield.

"You get those tweets from people going, 'You're always on telly.' Yeah, it's 'cos it's me job and it's going well. If it's something good I want to do it."

The revival of 'Through the Keyhole' will see Keith rummage through celebrities' homes and a panel of stars, including Jonathan Ross and Dave Berry, and then will have to guess whose house it is.

The 40-year-old comedian got up to plenty of mischief while filming the new series, including throwing a party in one unsuspecting celebrity's bachelor pad.

Keith also stumbled upon a stripper pole in one of the homes he visited and found a Samurai sword in another.

'Through the Keyhole' starts on ITV at 9.20pm on Saturday (31.08.13).


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