Ben Sims

Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 2 Nov


Relentless by name, but, alas, not quite relentless by nature, the techno club that first put Ben Sims on a stage in Glasgow is hanging up its headphones after one final bash at the Sub Club, the club’s home for three of its five years. Easty, Swelley, Scott Radar and Caroline, the promoters and hard working people behind the night have decided to throw in the towel on their fifth birthday but not before they bring back their favourite guest spinner Sims for the Relentless apocalypse.

Swelley explains the reasons behind the goodbyes: ‘We have never been in a position to do Relentless full time or seriously tried to make a career out of it, and as the years have gone on we have gone from being students to getting careers and in my case getting married.’

This, coupled with Easty moving to Edinburgh meant that the quartet were a man down and finding it hard to devote the time and effort the night deserved. ‘Instead of letting standards slip to the point where we maybe jeopardised our relationship with the Sub Club, we thought we would go out on a high,’ says Swelley.

The choice to book Sims for this farewell event was an easy one: ‘His technical skills are up there with the best: they really have to be witnessed. The man plays three decks and three CD players with pretty much all of them going at the same time, but it all sounds fantastic.’


Coming out of retirement for one night only to raise funds for resident Easty, who was in a serious accident, long-standing techno night Relentless will bring back their first ever guest James Ruskin (Blueprint, Tresor). Also playing will be local guests Monsieur DeLarge (Inner City Acid) and Dirty Basement, and residents…

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