Vicky Pattison ends up in bed with Aussie hunk

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  • 27 August 2013
Vicky Pattison and Dan

Vicky Pattison and Dan

Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison ends up in bed with Aussie hunk Dan in tonight's finale episode (27.08.13) following their cosy date

'Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison ends up in bed with Aussie hunk Dan.

The brunette beauty meets up with the heavily tattooed personal trainer - who she met in an earlier episode when he gave her and the other girls a workout session - for the last time before she returns to the UK, but the pair end up in an intimate situation following their cosy date.

Speaking in tonight's finale episode (27.08.13), she says: "I've woke up next to Dan and did I have sex with him? No. Did I touch him in inappropriate places? No. I woke up and I'm still p***ed. I can't remember a f***ing thing from last night. Not a f***ing sausage."

The foul-mouthed stunner - who broke off her engagement to former co-star Ricci Guarnaccio earlier this year - admits she has developed feelings for the fitness instructor and is glad she met him during the cast's trip Down Under because he helped her find her confidence.

She says: "Tonight I'm going to go on date with Dan and it's going to be the last time I see him. And, I've got to be honest, for me meeting him was one of the best things that happened.

"I've started developing feelings for Dan that go a little bit beyond just wanting to tash on with him. I don't really think I'm going to feel ok with tashing on with other people."

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