Roman Signer: Works

Roman Signer: Works

Roman Signer’s sculptural happenings, devoid as they are of nostalgia, reference or history, are usually received with a marvellous grin. Conventional narrative is displaced by simple Signer happenings such as a floating plastic bag, a rolling barrel. When approaching his work, we are prompted not to question what is happening, but whether it is happening at all. What we are presented with is not encompassed in the trinity of past, present, and future, rather it is a one-off event.

This at first appears a simple notion. But Signer’s dynamic and often explosive everyday objects, while absolute, remain baffling. We are unable to apply our habitual ways of viewing and reading the world in representation due to the sensational nature of his work.

This site-specific exhibition presents both recent and past works: a mix of objects, installation and film. Signer’s major new installation deals in the currency of the old by re-contextualising ten of his ‘experiment’ films. Playing without rules, the artist’s filmic disjunction creates a point of creative rupture, which works to illuminate the conceits which have previously shaped his art.

This exhibition will charmingly fold in on itself to both shadow and swallow the artist’s greatest curiosity to date – sculpture. This fascination dominates Signer’s practice, driving him to test the medium’s limits in a bid to determine the very rules by which it is governed

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