Game Changer (4 stars)

Game Changer

credit: Jacob Dahlgren, Heaven is a Place on Earth, 2013

Installations subverting ideas of the body beautiful

On your marks, get set, and go, go, go for this first off-site group show, which forms part of the newly relocated and currently nomadic Collective Gallery’s All Sided games project. In a studio space normally occupied by weight-watchers, four artists play with the idea of the body beautiful and the rhythm of life in a series of installations that quietly subvert the entire notion of exercise regimes.

So where Rachel Adams sculpts a pair of foam-covered climbing frames shaped in such a way to render them unusable, Jacob Dahlgren carpets the floor with a network of multi-coloured bathroom scales that resemble a checkered dancefloor. This neatly offsets Haroom Mirza’s Sitting in a Chamber, in which handmade vinyl discs bleep in locked-groove synchronicity with the similar-sounding heart machines on a film opposite. Nilbar Gures’ series of staged photographs, Unknown Sports, finds women exploring distinctly non-Olympic events such as leg waxing in a home gym-type space.

Game Changer is a parallel universe workout where rest and play are far more important than busting a gut.

Collective: Offsite, Meadowbank Sports Centre, 556 1264, until 1 Sep, free.

Game Changer

Bringing together works by Rachel Adams, Jacob Dahlgren, Nilbar Güres and Haroon Mirza, this exhibition considers materials, space, physicality and body image within the context of the sporting arena. The show is situated in Meadowbank Sports Centre, the main athletics venue for the 1970 and 1986 Commonwealth Games in…

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