James Lumsden: Chromatic Visions

Preview James Lumsden: Chromatic Visions

credit: © Michael Wolchover, 2013, James Lumsden: Chromatic Visions EAF

Emotionally charged, process-based colour paintings

Edinburgh-based James Lumsden creates paintings and literal landscapes on the canvas, placing 40 or more thin glazes of acrylic paint on top of one another until a mass of what he calls ‘varying chromatic strata’ has been built. The process came to Lumsden in 2007 after years of creating ever-more minimal oil works in a single colour. ‘I felt that I had reached a sort of “monochrome endgame” with the work, paring down and refining to a point where I could take it no further,’ he says. This new method allowed greater opportunity to experiment within a minimal framework.

‘I hope viewers will respond to the painting emotionally, as they would a piece of music,’ says Lumsden. ‘Like music, I’m hoping for some sort of feeling without words. For me the emotional charge often comes from the sometimes unlikely placing or overlaying of different colours … I’m using a way of painting, building up in multiple translucent glazes, which is more akin to the processes used by oil painters 500 years ago, yet I’m using modern acrylic paints to continue a contemporary version of this historical process.’

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