An Equilibrium Not of This World (4 stars)

An Equilibrium Not Of This World

credit: Katri Walker An Equilibrium Not of This World 2012 EAF

Katri Walker’s heart-pounding exploration of the experience of running

Commissioned as part of NVA’s Speed of Light project for last year’s Edinburgh Festival, Katri Walker’s series of filmed diptychs builds up into a heart-pounding evocation of both the experience of running and the runner’s particular communion with nature while their body is at work. In a darkened room with two large projections placed alongside one another on the floor, we first see the artificial peaks of a heart rate monitor next to the jagged natural heights of a mountain range, then microscopic views of blood vessels and branches.

The final segment is the one which should remain in the mind most, though. On the left, a female figure breaks into a run, the fixed side-on view clearly defining the shapes her body makes as it speeds up and then slows down. Intercut with this is a vivid MRI scan of an actual, beating human heart, while alongside it we follow a track up a mountain hill, fiddle music blaring and only the venous thread of the track stretching before us as stunning scenery lingers just on the periphery of the lens’ vision. It’s all stunningly shot, and an evocatively constructed recreation of the single-mindedness required for physical effort.

Edinburgh College of Art, 651 5800, until 1 Sep, free.

Katri Walker: An Equilibrium Not of This World

Video work on a theme of running.