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  • 1 November 2007

• Keith Farquhar: Remade Farquhar recreates two major works by Matisse and Keith Haring: Matisse’s mural of the ‘Virgin and Child’ from the Chapel of the Rosary and Haring’s illegally painted ‘Crack is Whack’ mural, New York. The Edinburgh-based artist considers his reconstructed versions of these works as advertisements for the original works. ‘Go to the Cote d’Azure. Go to Manhattan. See these seminal artworks for yourself,’ he says. The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sun 18 Nov.

• Raphael Danke: Seventh Heaven Danke’s collaged photographs use and manipulate the figure of Dame Margot Fonteyn to represent the angelic, soaring flight of the soul in death as well as the fall of rebellious angels. The work also refers to Lacanian and Freudian psychoanalytical theories in elegant and well-realised sculptural works.
Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, until Sat 10 Nov.

• Monika Sosnowska: Display An installation by the Polish artist using architectural principles to create environments that force an emotional reaction from the viewer. Sosnowska uses the vocabulary of architecture against itself, turning aspects of architecture’s functionalism back into purposeless, useless form. The artist also exhibits 23 unrealised and unrealisable architectural models. Talbot Rice, University of Edinburgh, until Sat 8 Dec.

• Johanna Billing Billing’s film work explores the weight and unease of awkward everyday situations. In using a company of non-actors who are taken out of their comfort zone and asked to perfom, the artist creates work in the space between documentary and fiction, where the everyday becomes uncomfortably real. DCA, Dundee, until Sat 8 Dec.

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