Glasgow-based artist Rachel Barron presents public art project Grammar of Ornament

Priority Rachel Barron:

Barron's first solo show, the project welcomes collaboration with the people of Glasgow

Bringing fresh meaning to the term public artwork, Rachel Barron’s first solo exhibition is an evolving process created in conjunction with the people of Glasgow. Holding stamp-making workshops and open-access creative sessions throughout its three-week run, she’s offered an open invitation to anyone who wants to stop by and create their own patterns using stamps and coloured ink. Using her temporary on-site studio she’s then interpreting these patterns into her own prints of ‘repeat symmetrical patterns using a coordinate system’ for use in an evolving floor display which will be completed in time for the closing event on Friday 23 August.

‘My aim is to brighten and enliven the space with colour and activity,’ says the Glasgow-based Edinburgh College of Art graduate, ‘and to allow and encourage people to express themselves creatively in an open collaboration.’ The design of her final installation, she says, will reflect both the architecture of the Briggait’s 1873 main hall, where it will be displayed, and the architecture of Glasgow itself, with the title – Grammar of Ornament – echoing the name of the 1856 catalogue of design from around the world by 19th century architect and designer, Owen Jones, a huge influence on her own work and practice.

Briggait, Glasgow, until Fri 23 Aug.

Rachel Barron: Grammar of Ornament

First major solo exhibition by the Glasgow artist, who has made bespoke printing devices and provided materials so that the public can make their own artworks, which will be put on temporary display.