Rhod Gilbert in bizarre OAP tour

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  • 22 August 2013
Rhod Gilbert on Work Experience

Rhod Gilbert on Work Experience

Rhod Gilbert admits one of his "strangest experiences" on his 'Work Experience' show was when he had to give 30 pensioners a guided tour of Antwerp, even though he had never been to the Belgian city before

Rhod Gilbert had to give 30 pensioners a guided tour of Antwerp, even though he had never been there before.

The comedian is tasked with the bizarre job on tonight's (22.08.13) episode of 'Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience', and admits trying to give the group of Welsh OAPs an accurate description of where they were proved tricky when he hadn't ever set foot in the Belgian city before.

He said: "The strangest experience of this series was taking 30 Welsh pensioners on a coach trip to Antwerp as a tour guide.

"I've never even been to Antwerp, and the closest I've come to organising anything for a pensioner is putting the toilet seat down after my father.

"You try sitting in a coach giving a running commentary, when you have no idea where you are or what you're looking at!"

While Rhod enjoys taking on all the weird and wonderful tasks by himself on 'Work Experience', he admits it would be hilarious if his good friend and 'Inbetweeners' star Greg Davies was to appear on the show alongside him.

He added: "I love doing my 'Work Experience' show on my own, as it really puts you on the spot, with nowhere to turn for help.

"But I'd also like to do a series like this with my mate, comedian Greg Davies.

"We went to Nepal together with the BBC's 'World's Most Dangerous Roads' a few years ago, and had such a laugh, but a really interesting time too.

"We'd relish the chance to do a factual entertainment series like 'Work Experience' together.

"We are both totally useless, him especially obviously, but I think the audience would enjoy watching good friends trying to do things together, winding each other up and supporting each other in equal measure as mates do."

'Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience' airs tonight on BBC Two at 10pm.

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