Super Adventure Club - Broadcast, Glasgow, Tue 8 Aug 2013 (4 stars)

PRIORITY Super Adventure Club

Ailie Zee Killer

The wrong-pop trio's last gig before extended hiatus is a celebration, tinged with drunken sadness

It’s hot in the city, hotter still in this subterranean sweatbox. Your sympathies then, for the poor git in the rubber horse mask expressing, via the medium of equine dance, an onslaught of giddy, brain-melting wrongpop. The behoofed Bez is Dr Horse, shape-throwing mascot of Super Adventure Club, Glasgow’s most deliriously imaginative trio. Theirs is a dazzling and addictive post-Cardiacs melange of tangleweed riffs, impossible time changes, frenetic tempos, shouty bits and intermittent bubblegum melodies. Yet despite the technical overload and furious complexity, tunes such as ‘Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle’ are warm and approachable – sweaty devotees yell back every lyric and lurch in perfect synch to every labyrinthine diversion. With drummer Waz off to study in Hong Kong for a year, this is the last SAC outing for a small eternity. Perhaps ever. So there’s a real sense of celebration, tinged with sadness and drunkenness. But tonight also sees the launch of new album Straight from the Stick – sold in innovative form; a drumstick, download code and crudely drawn genitals. Bet Thom Yorke wishes he’d thought of that. 

Super Adventure Club - Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle