Interview: Rachel Sermanni discusses Doune the Rabbit Hole 2013

Doune the Rabbit Hole

The Scottish singer is set to appear at the boutique fest alongside Rick Redbeard, Miaoux Miaoux and more

The 2013 line-up for Doune the Rabbit Hole in the Stirling countryside features pizza from a wood-burning oven, Perthshire wine, stalls, camping and music from Rick Redbeard, Miaoux Miaoux, Trembling Bells, Lady North and Highland singer Rachel Sermanni, who is rapidly becoming known for her brand of mesmerising acoustic folk.

The List caught up with Rachel on holiday in France …

Where are you just now?
'Honfleur. The birthplace of Erik Satie. I’ve been burning the backs of my legs, sleeping with sea salt in my hair, waking sous les belles etoiles … it’s been a good holiday.’

You’re heading to Stirlingshire for Doune the Rabbit Hole. How are you feeling about it?
'It’s my first time. I’m excited. "Doune the Rabbit Hole" spurs images of a grittier Alice in Wonderland … I like that.’

What makes Scottish festivals like Doune, Belladrum, Wickerman etc, distinct from those of other countries?
'Perhaps the unpredictable weather; a sense of never knowing what to expect. The crowds are always good though.’

We understand you’re also a dab hand at prose, poetry and art. What’s your favourite way to express your creativity?
'I like when people do things and don’t think about whether they can do it or not. It’s childish and healthy. Doing creative stuff allows you to gauge how fearful you might be feeling. It’s also just really satisfying producing something. I don’t have a preferred form of expression. I’ve been doing this thing where I wake, write down my dream, then draw a frame from it. It’s really satisfying. I call them Freams.’

What’s the last dream you had…
'I was wrapping my legs around a coloured, glowing cuboid, diving off a platform with a person attached to my back and we were plunging into a strange night-lit swimming pool.' 

Doune the Rabbit Hole

A boutique music festival that produces a strong line-up of music, theatre, comedy and spoken-word performances. Artists confirmed for the 2021 festival include Belle and Sebastian, John Cale, The Bluebells, The Pastels, Girl Ray, Cut Capers, Rachel Sermanni, Elephant Sessions, Snapped Ankles, Tide Lines and The Skints.