Canadian comedian Tom Stade out to convince us he Totally Rocks!

Canadian comedian Tom Stade out to convince us he Totally Rocks!

The Scotland-based comic has collaborated in the past with Daniel Sloss and Frankie Boyle

Last year Daniel Sloss told us all about his comedy heroes. In his top two is the Edinburgh-based Canadian comic Tom Stade, who Sloss believed had helped make him a much better writer. For Stade’s part, he reckons that being around the Fifer has helped inject a fresh and youthful enthusiasm into his own work.

Looking back on the kind of reviews Stade has received down the years (certainly from this organ), his recent work has been the most lauded – we described his 2012 Fringe show as ‘lavishly furnished’ and the comic himself as ‘a natural performer, licensed with a flair for storytelling and a villainous sense of humour’.

That villainy has driven him to create some hard-edged comedy about marriage (he’s had almost 20 years of that), sex (we couldn’t speculate on how long he’s been involved in that pursuit) and many of the world’s ills.

That kind of material presumably attracted him to Frankie Boyle, with whom he made sweet horror together with a writing collaboration on Tramadol Nights, the series that pretty much ended the Scottish comedian’s working relationship with Channel 4. Stade’s career, though, looks like it has some way still to go and after a brief run at the Fringe this August, he’ll show us that Tom Stade Totally Rocks! in Glasgow before striding towards his next set of comedy goals.

The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 16 Sep.

Tom Stade Totally Rocks!

The charmingly vicious, laid-back Canadian presents his latest solo show.