Profile: Dirtybird and Mothership label boss Claude VonStroke

PRIORITY Claude VonStroke

The US house don is set to his Glasgow's iAM in August

Claude VonStroke

Story so far: 
Barclay Crenshaw was raised in Detroit, Michigan, and went round to Juan Atkins’ Metroplex studios in his younger days to convince the techno legend to give him a job (unsuccessfully). He then moved to New York and San Francisco while trying out rapping and Hollywood studio work, before making up his fake ‘European DJ name’ alias as a joke at a party.

The hype: 
What do you mean you don’t know? Label boss of Dirtybird, which he started in 2005, and also Mothership, both of which have released the bulk of his own upbeat, funk-laden house output, including the albums Beware of the Bird (2006) and Bird Brain.

Track to check: 
So many to choose from, but we’re going to send you back to ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit?’ (2006) for old times’ sake - a stew of bouncing minimal beats, haunting synth lines for dark city streets and an insistent keyboard stab which cuts through the dry ice. Listen below.

Where can I see him? 
At the next instalment of clubber’s radio station and touring brand Rinse in Glasgow, with support from the omnipresent iAM duo of Beta and Kappa.

Claude VonStroke plays the Sub Club, Glasgow, Sun 25 Aug.

Official Video Claude VonStroke "Who's Afraid of Detroit"


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