Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros (4 stars)

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros

A surprisingly involving RPG adventure starring Nintendo's star plumbers

(Nintendo 3DS)

It takes a long time for this Mario / Luigi team-up to become enjoyable. After a procession of wordy tutorials dominates the first few hours, the core gameplay finally emerges. And what springs forth is a surprisingly involving RPG adventure.

You take control of the titular duo across Pi’illo Island, a holiday retreat for Princess Peach and friends. Much of the time is spent controlling both characters simultaneously around a series of 3D and 2.5D environments, battling monsters and solving puzzles. The breadth of gameplay is impressive, and the duality of the central pairing is often used in interesting ways. But it can be a real slog having to control both characters at once, especially when navigating platform sections.

While the backgrounds lack scale and it generally fails to impress visually, the jaunty soundtrack and quirky set of characters ensures the journey is an entertaining one. Unlike most 3DS titles, this is a deep and complex slow-burning adventure, best picked up when you have plenty of time on your hands.

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1. PlumbingOnTap30 Aug 2013, 6:34pm Report

An ultimate comeback of my most fave childhood computer game!!! They were so famous back then that in fact I had a big collection of Super Mario bros stuff. And look at me now, I am a real plumber, having my own plumbing business .. Just like these two computer generated plumbers/brothers

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