DVD review: Glee season four (3 stars)

DVD review: Glee season four

The fourth season of the musical TV series offers a strange, unexpected epitaph for Cory Montieth

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After the shocking news that Cory Monteith was found dead, aged just 31, in his hotel room back in July, the boxset of Glee Season 4 is a strange, unexpected epitaph. He played male lead, Finn Hudson, in this high school tale of students bursting into show tunes and pop covers to express their emotions or win those all important regionals. Glee is a typical underdogs story as the geeks and outsiders band together to triumph over adversity.

Watching Season 4, you can’t help but focus on Monteith’s character, who has now graduated and, after a failed stint in the army, is looking for his place in the world. It’s easy to read too much into Finn’s feelings of loss and displacement as he searches for a sense of belonging.

The main problem with this season is that many of the major characters have left William McKinley High, meaning the story lacks focus. For example, we still follow Rachel Berry (Lea Michele, Monteith’s on-screen love interest and real-life girlfriend) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) as they search for fame on Broadway in New York, cutting back to the high school dramas and show choir dilemmas. There are some distinctly clunky storylines employed to bring back yet more old characters for cameos and there’s a definite lack of screen time for Sue Sylvester (the wonderfully acerbic Jane Lynch). The musical numbers are undoubtedly cheesy but the majority still are effervescently entertaining fluff, even if the story does take the occasional wrong turn (the high school shooting episode, in particular, is a weird misstep).

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