Verrocchio - preview

  • The List
  • 1 November 2007

The CCA is one of the most beautiful – and under-used – buildings in Glasgow, so it’s good to see the potential of its nooks and glassy crannies being fully exploited. Verrocchio, a series of recorded short stories by playwright David Leddy (pictured), is currently occupying one of the floating glass corridors up near the ceiling. The stories, which Leddy describes as ‘like looking through a series of windows’, play out simultaneously with a site-specific sound installation created by warping the in-corridor noise of the CCA’s air conditioning.

Verrocchio, CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 24 Nov.


A sound art installation specially created for a rarely used floating glass corridor on the top floor of Glasgow's CCA, by David Leddy. The work comprises a series of 12 short stories, which Leddy likens to looking through a series of windows.

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