The Kings of Electro - album review (4 stars)

The Kings of Electro

The Kings of Electro (Rapster)

This smart, intuitive compilation splits the history of electro – funkier, dirtier, more melodic little brother of techno – into two easy to chew categories: where the genre has been, and where it’s going.

Trevor ‘Playgroup’ Jackson rolls his way through early analogue experimentalism, embryonic hip hop and into the dark recesses of Detroit for the first disc, proving this is a music that is so stuck in a moment of its own making that it can never truly sound dated. The second mix by Alter Ego enlists many of electro’s more intrepid spirits (Richie Hawtin, Kenny Larkin, Maurizio, Robert Hood) to intense effect, suggesting electro may have lost some of its early tongue-in-cheek humour but has lost none of the aural impact.
(Mark Robertson)

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