The Edinburgh Quartet - album review (4 stars)

The Edinburgh Quartet

Frontiers and Bridges (Circular)

Bringing together composers from very different cultures, Frontiers and Bridges’ thread of commonality is their inspirational teacher, Nigel Osborne. Composition Professor at Edinburgh University, Osborne has guided three authoritative and adventurous voices. Kim-Ho Ip’s Chinese roots are to the fore in the still, atmospheric serenity of ‘In Contact . . .’ which features the yang chin, a type of dulcimer. In comparison, Julian Wagstaff’s ‘Piano Quintet’ is almost abrasive in its furious scales. Yet, the way he combines percussive qualities with persuasive lyricism is typical of the carefully crafted work of all three composers, the last of whom is Anothai Nitibhon from Thailand. The launch concert is on Friday 9 November. (Carol Main)