Gordon Duncan - album review (4 stars)

Gordon Duncan

Just for Gordon (Greentrax)

Admirers of the late piper will spot the echo of his debut album Just For Seumas in this collection of previously unissued cuts, broadcast sessions and limited release rarities. Gordon did not live to complete a fourth studio album for Greentrax, but assiduous rooting around has produced enough material to make a very justifiable posthumous addition to his discography.

Few musicians have been better equipped to push the boundaries of both the instrument and its music. He combined a deep knowledge of piping tradition with a breathtaking virtuosity on his instrument, a gift for composing great tunes that were widely taken up by non-pipers as well, and a rebellious streak that manifest in a raffish disregard for convention. A powerful combination, and if the best of his work is not to be found here, it is nonetheless a valuable addition to our understanding and enjoyment of his music. (Kenny Mathieson)

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