Chris Geere needed caffeine kick for Trollied character

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  • 19 August 2013
Chris Geere as Richard France

Chris Geere as Richard France

Chris Geere demolished eight coffees every morning to ensure he had plenty of energy to portray his new over-enthusiastic 'Trollied' character Richard France

Chris Geere downed eight coffees every morning before filming 'Trollied'.

The 32-year-old star plays over-enthusiastic ideas man Richard France in the Sky1 sitcom - which revolves around the lives of employees at fictional supermarket Valco - and he took in copious amounts of caffeine to give him a sufficient energy boost to help portray his crazy character.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I had a very strange process every day and everyone was so generous. I had to have so much energy that I used to have seven or eight coffees before we started in the morning.

"I was given the brief of the whole series to go from hero to zero so he appears in full impact in episode one and everyone quite likes me. But by the end he gets found out.

"Valco is quite a little supermarket but Richard is trying to turn it into a Marks & Spencer.

"All the ideas that he comes in with fall flat on their face. I'm brought in as the young guy with all the big ideas but the ironic thing is that none of them really work."

As well as his coffee kick, Chris got more confident as filming for the series went on and he was able to experiment even more with some of his alter-ego's outrageous antics.

He added: "My confidence grew as the series went on as well so I was able to try more things and it does get bigger and bigger.

"But it's a supermarket in Warrington and this guy has come from T-Mobile, which is ridiculous, really, with all these young and exciting ideas but it falls flat on its face in the end."

'Trollied' returns to Sky1 on Thursday (22.08.13) at 9pm.

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