Fionn Regan

ABC, Glasgow, Sat 16 Sep


Fionn Regan is the latest in a long line of quality folk-influenced singer songwriters to come from Ireland. His recent debut album, The End of History, is so brimming with talent and assurance that it’s hard to believe it almost never got made.

‘I’d done some EPs, but then I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue doing music, cos I’d been incarcerated in so many different forms of paperwork,’ says Regan with refreshing frankness. ‘I got to the stage where I wasn’t sure if the highs were worth the lows. In the end, I decided to do everything on my own, make the record I wanted to hear. Trying to keep the roof over my head was a bit of a struggle, but I got there in the end.’

Thank God he did. Regan’s songs have a strong storytelling power, combined with some exceptional guitar playing and a poignant, melancholic voice. Much of the music is influenced by traditional Irish folk, something that was always likely to seep into his subconscious, given his upbringing.

‘My dad is a guitar player and he was always in traditional bands,’ says Regan. ‘The house I grew up in was full of musicians and bands rehearsing. That thread running through what I do, I’ve inherited by just being around that kind of music all the time. But when I started writing songs I wanted to go completely in the opposite direction. It took a bit of time to go, “OK here’s the truth, here’s who I really am”.’

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