Dexter Koh to use BB prize to pay gambling debt to mum?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 August 2013
Dexter Koh

Dexter Koh

Dexter Koh's mother has insisted if he wins 'Big Brother' he should use the £100,000 prize money to repay the six-figure amount he owes her when she helped him after his gambling habit spiraled out of control

Dexter Koh needs to win 'Big Brother' to pay off his gambling debt to his mother.

According to his mum Ellen, the 28-year-old star should use the £100,000 prize money to start to repay her the six-figure amount he owes when she helped him with his addiction.

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "I bailed him out with so much that it affected my life. That was quite serious.

"He is my son and he'd got himself in a mess so I sorted him out. He started from zero again.

"It would be nice if he was able to give me some of that back because times are very hard at the moment. I'd be very happy if he won the money."

For over two years, the paparazzi photographer was a daily visitor at casinos and lost around £1 million before admitting he had a problem and seeking help.

Ellen added: "When I realised how serious it was getting I had to step in. He realised how ridiculous it was and stopped.

"He cried to me on the phone after going to Gamblers Anonymous ... I don't think he would spend [the prize money] on just anything.

"He'd help me and his family. He's got an uncle with cancer. His other uncle has just lost his house. And he hasn't got a nice lifestyle any more. He's not rich by any means."

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