Dexter Koh lands place in Big Brother final

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  • 15 August 2013
Dexter Koh

Dexter Koh

Dexter Koh has booked his place in the 'Big Brother' final on Monday (19.08.13) after winning a special task, but he put Sophie Lawrence up for nomination in his place

Dexter Koh has landed a place in Monday's (19.08.13) 'Big Brother' final.

The 28-year-old social chameleon booked a spot in the Channel 5 reality show's grand finale by winning a special task set by Big Brother, meaning he is immune from Friday night's (16.08.13) eviction, but in a shock twist he put Sophie Lawrence up for nomination in his place.

Dexter was nominated alongside Charlie Travers, Sam Evans, and twins Jack and Joe Glenny following face-to-face nominations earlier this week, but they were told one of them could leave the show prematurely and take part of the £100,000 prize money if they won the special task.

Big Brother asked each housemate to choose the least amount of money they would want to leave the house prematurely, ranging from £1 to £100,000.

Sam chose £100,000, Charlie opted for £99,000, Jack and Joe went for £96,500 but Dexter won the task after going for £88,000.

However, in an emotional twist he was told he would not be allowed to take the money home and had instead won immunity from tomorrow's eviction. He was then told to choose either Sophie or Gina Rio to take his place.

Holding back the tears he chose Sophie, and the blonde bombshell wasn't surprised by his decision.

She said: "I knew you would choose me because of the noms and not only that you're closer to Gina."

Meanwhile, evicted housemate Dan Neal - who was previously investigating Operation Yewtree, the probe set up in the wake of the sex abuse claims made against disgraced 'Jim'll Fix It' presenter Jimmy Savile - and his partner of three years, Matt Parker, are thought to be living separately.

A source said: "They were having problems before Dan went into the house so this doesn't come as a surprise.

"Dan has in one way or another suppressed himself for years and now he really wants his career to take off but his partner just doesn't understand this urge to do well in the industry.

"Dan spent a long time in the police force working with abused children. It was a dark and emotional job and he sees his chance to make a difference publicly because of the profile 'Big Brother' has given him.

"He wants to tour schools and give talks to children on spotting the signs of grooming and also how to accept there individual sexuality and to stamp out class room bullying because of ones sexuality."

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