The Changes - gig review (4 stars)

  • The List
  • 1 November 2007
The Changes


They say that democracy only works in principle rather than practice. Well, I ask the jury, have any of these people ever been to see The Changes? The Chicago four-piece put forward a pretty compelling case that an unequivocally democratic swapping of instruments, vocal duties and stage positions at regular intervals has little or no effect on the quality of the music.

Pretty much every musical potion is thrown into the cauldron, from gravelly to poppy vocals, enthusiastic handclaps through to spooky vocoder-type noises from the keyboard and rock from metal to electro, all combining to create a heady brew.

What’s more, your honour, ‘Her, You and I’, the closing number and set highlight (and picking the best bit was a tough call), showcases a drum solo of truly terrifying ferocity followed by an 80s hair, metal-style guitar solo.

Finally, achieving style and content is a rare phenomenon; rarer still does banter include the line, ‘This song is dedicated to a little romantic movie called Ghostbusters II’. And that, I think, is a shame. The case for the prosecution rests. (Emma Newlands).

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