Bill Nighy turned down Doctor Who

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  • 14 August 2013
Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy has admitted he was asked to play the lead role in 'Doctor Who' but turned down the show

Bill Nighy turned down the lead role in 'Doctor Who'.

The 'Love Actually' actor felt portraying the iconic Time Lord carried "too much baggage" so rejected an approach, though he refused to say when he was offered the show as he feels it "disrespectful" to the actor who eventually landed the part.

He said: "I won't tell you when, because the rule is that you are not allowed to say you turned that job down because it's disrespectful to whoever did it.

"I will say that I was approached. But I didn't want to be the Doctor. No disrespect to 'Doctor Who' or anything, I just think that it comes with too much baggage."

Bill - who was one of the favourites to join the show when it was revived in 2005, before Christopher Eccleston was cast - went on to praise Peter Capaldi, who was recently announced as Matt Smith's successor as the Doctor.

He added to the Daily Express newspaper: "He's a marvellous actor. He'll be very good as the Doctor. He'll bring a lot of wit and dry humour. He's elegant and he looks great."

While the 63-year-old actor didn't want to play the Time Lord, he did appear in an episode of the show in 2010, portraying art expert Dr. Black in the episode 'Vincent and the Doctor'.

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