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Since storming to number one earlier this year, Swedish pop star Robyn isn’t that worried about being remembered for her brief dalliance with the charts in the 90s.
‘It was such a long time ago I don’t know if people remember,’ she says of her old hit ‘Show Me Love’. ‘It’s great being a ‘new’ artist again, I’m really enjoying that because they don’t have any expectations of me, it’s good.’

With songs like ‘With Every Heartbeat’ and a rather beautifully heartbreaking number called ‘Be Mine’ (we defy you not to get upset at the ballad version) it’s obvious that Robyn is very much steering away from pre-packaged ‘lite-pop’ with her new self-titled album.

‘Everything I write is from my life. I really think that’s what pop music is all about: you handle the human condition and you talk about things that are universal. You can be really straight forward and hard at the same time,’ she thinks for a moment and then laughs. ‘It’s not really fun to write about “oh today I went to the bathroom and I got a zit on my nose”.

Since setting up her own label and naming it Konichiwa Records, any nerdy 80s kid would be tempted to enquire if she’s ever seen Neighbours.

‘Isn’t that the old Australian TV programme?’ she asks before we explain the legendary Mr Udugawa, whose visits to Lassiters prompted many a school-yard greeting. ‘That’s good,’ she considers. ‘He paved the way.’ (Darren Gleeson)

Classic Grand, Glasgow, Tue 6 Nov


Over-14s show. Swedish pop sensation who has long been successful back home but has recently reached our ears via her hit 'With Every Heartbeat'.

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