Stella Price 'betrayed' by daughter

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  • 12 August 2013
Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins

Coronation Street's Stella Price (Michelle Collins) will be furious to learn her daughter Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) has embarked on a romance with her former boyfriend Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas)

Coronation Street's Stella Price is set to be "betrayed" by her daughter and ex-lover.

The soap is set for a "classic 'Corrie' love triangle" when Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley) embarks on a romance with Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas), who split from the Rovers Return landlady - who is played by Michelle Collins - just a few months before.

A source said: "It'll be a classic 'Corrie' love triangle. You've got two of the most popular and attractive characters in Jason and Eva - then you've got sexy cougar Stella thrown in as the scorned ex."

Eva and Jason grow close when they rally round to support Stella after she discovers deranged new husband Karl Munro (John Michie) was responsible for the Rovers fire and murdering Sunita Alahan, but their attentions soon turn to one another.

The source explained to The Sun newspaper: "Stella's already in a complete state after finding out that Karl is an arsonist and a murderer. Then he does a runner and Stella turns to Eva as a shoulder to cry on.

"Jason still cares for Stella, so he's spending a lot of time at the Rovers to offer any help he can.

"But the more he's round there, the closer he gets to Eva. The chemistry is electric and they can't help themselves. They try to keep it secret but Eva's grandmother Gloria gets suspicious and catches them out.

"She tells Stella, who goes mad at Jason and Eva. She can't believe her daughter has betrayed her."

The storyline is set to play out on screen from late September.

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