Adam Thomas teases girlfriend over Emmerdale romp

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  • 11 August 2013
Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas teased his real-life girlfriend over his 'Emmerdale' character's on-screen romp and admitted he "kept re-winding" the saucy scene

'Emmerdale' star Adam Thomas teased his girlfriend over his character's on-screen romp.

The actor plays Adam Barton in the soap he filmed an intimate scene with Sammy Winward - who appears as Katie Macey - but he admitted his real-life partner Caroline Daly wasn't pleased.

He told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "Sammy is a proper legend. It was good working with her She's a great actress and obviously easy on the eye, so I was like 'happy days'!

"My girlfriend wasn't too happy about it though. I kept re-winding it on Sky Plus to wind her up.

"Her face was a picture. But she knows what I'm like and never takes me too seriously."

While he may enjoy his saucy scenes, the star explained he is also thriving on his character's more serious storylines.

In the near future, Barton will be arrested for the murder of Alex Moss - played by Kurtis Stacey - but the only person who believes his innocent is his mother's boyfriend Cain Dingle, who he actually tried to kill.

Killer Cameron Murray - portrayed by Dominic Power - frames Barton for the murder.

Adam said: "It's a great storyline to be involved in. Cameron sends the police in Adam's direction and all the evidence seems to be pointing towards him being the killer.

"It's good to be getting my teeth into something like this. He gets out on bail but then there are more police investigations.

"That's all I'm allowed to say ... It's funny because the only person in the village who believes he didn't do it is Cain."

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