Only Fools and Horses ‘antique’ watch stolen

  • 29 October 2007

The ‘antique’ watch that made Only Fools and Horses stars Del Boy and Rodney their fortune has been stolen from a museum hosting an exhibition dedicated to the show.

It was taken along with Del’s rings and neck chain from the Only Fools and Horses Museum in Norfolk.

The replica time piece featured in the episode Time On Our Hands, earning the market traders £6 million when it was sold in an auction.

It was made by BBC props.

The 1996 episode was watched by 20 million people on Christmas Day.

Part owner of the collection at the Bressingham Stream Museum, Ian Knowles, said: ‘The watch is a national British treasure and as rare as hens’ teeth so we are keen on getting it back.

‘It’s worth very little because it was made by the BBC prop department but it is priceless to Only Fools fans. It’s TV history.

‘It’s ironic really because we have got Del’s original yellow van which is worth £44,000 and his sheepskin coat which is valued at £10,000 at the museum.’

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