Mural by boy scout Hergé discovered in Brussels school

  • 26 October 2007

A mural painted by a young Hergé before he went on to create intrepid explorer Tintin has been discovered in an old school in Brussels.

The mural was found by chance in the school’s corridor when it was decided it should be redecorated.

A 15-year-old scout at the time, Hergé painted the frieze featuring knights in armour, Red Indians and Scouts.

The discovery, which marks the centenary year of the artist’s birth, is expected to become a pilgrimage site for his legions of fans.

The author of biography The Adventures of Hergé, Michael Farr said of the mural: ‘Hergé’s first published stories were of a Boy Scout leader called Totor, a precursor of Tintin.

‘This is very much in the manner of that.’

Meanwhile, the adventures of Tintin will be brought to the big screen thanks to a trilogy project boasting directors Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

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