Talks on breakthrough technologies in dance and music set for 2013 Edinburgh International Festival

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  • 7 August 2013
International Festival Talks

Dance on Film, Brian Eno and National Museums Scotland among talks programme highlights

Talks on music at the festival this year take a look at new technologies, new developments and how old artforms are remoulding and redefining themselves within new parameters.

One of the most pervasive technological developments in art recently is 3D cinema, and dance films have benefited more than most from its increased popularity, both in mainstream cinema – Streetdance 3D, All Stars – and in art house circles, notably Wim Wenders’ beautiful portrait of Pina Bausch. Curator of Dance Odysseys, Nele Hertling, shares her thoughts on dance on celluloid across the years at a short, free Dance on Film talk at the Festival Theatre.

In terms of music, Brian Eno is always at the forefront of technological developments, and his Movements talk, focusing on the development of recorded music over performed music, is sure to be fascinating, particularly in an age where the means of listening to music – increasingly digital – are perhaps influencing the production of music more than ever.

And speaking of new forms of music, it’s worth noting that Cybraphon, the autonomous and emotional robot band created by art collective FOUND, will be joining the permanent collection at National Museums Scotland this month. With Cybraphon, FOUND have taken the self-playing instruments and automatons of the early 19th century and created a 21st-century band, one whose mood and playing style is affected by social media and so-called 'first world problems'.

You can affect the sounds Cybraphon produces by making it popular online, and every tweet, Facebook like, blog post and link makes a difference. Alexander Hayward and Alison Taubman of NMS are joined by Professor Simon Kirby of FOUND and Mark Daniels of New Media Scotland to usher Cybraphon into its new locale as part of the Movements events series.

Dance on Film, Festival Theatre, 19 Aug, 4pm, free. Movements: Brian Eno, National Museum of Scotland, 23 Aug, 2.30pm, £6. Movements: Cybraphon, National Museum of Scotland, 21 Aug, 2.30pm, £6.

Dance on Film Talk

Curator of Dance Odysseys films Nele Hertling shares her thoughts on dance on celluloid.

Movements: Cybraphon

Cybraphon, the autonomous and emotional robot band, joins the permanent collection of National Museums Scotland, and Alexander Hayward is joined by Professor Simon Kirby of FOUND, Mark Daniels of New Media Scotland, and Alison Taubman of National Museums Scotland to welcome it to its new home.

Movements: Brian Eno

Music since recording is a new art form, which bears only as much resemblance to traditional, performed music as cinema does to theatre. What are the special characteristics of this new art? How did it evolve? Where might it be going? Brian Eno shares his thoughts.