Holly Willoughby and Keith Lemon drunk on Celebrity Juice

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  • 7 August 2013
Keith Lemon at the National Television Awards

Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon has admitted he and Holly Willoughby are blind drunk when they appear on 'Celebrity Juice' and joked the blonde beauty loves to demolish a few tequila slammers

Keith Lemon says he and Holly Willoughby are "drunk off our faces" on 'Celebrity Juice'.

The 40-year-old comedian - who hosts the ITV2 panel show - admits the pair like to demolish a few drinks before recording the programme, and joked the blonde beauty, who is a team captain, is "partial to tequila slammers and liked to down a few".

He said: "Holly can drink more than me. On 'Celebrity Juice', we're drunk off our faces."

Keith - whose real name is Leigh Francis - loves shooting the show and admits he doesn't feel like he is at work when he is filming the programme because he spends the whole time "messing about".

He added to Woman magazine: "It's like we're in a pub, doing a pub quiz. It's not much of a job really for us - we're just messing about on telly."

Keith spends the show mocking the celebrity guests as well as team captains Holly - who he has nicknamed Holly Willoughbooby - and Fearne Cotton, who was temporarily replaced by Kelly Brook on the last series while the radio DJ was on maternity leave.

Brunette beauty Kelly had the panellists and audience in fits of laughter on her show debut when she got confused between her left and right, and as a result she had to re-record sections of the programme.

She began the episode by introducing guest Paddy McGuinness on her right, with the 'Take Me Out' host quickly interrupting: "Aren't I on your left?"

Keith then joked: "I don't want to be pedantic, but we just like to have it from left to right. Let's start again."

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