Bongs are back for ITV news with return of Sir Trevor

  • 24 October 2007

Sir Trevor McDonald will return to present ITV’s News at Ten, after channel boss Michael Grade described its move to 10:30pm as a ‘shocking mistake’.

The presenter, who retired as a news anchor two years ago, is expected to reprise the role next year following secret negotiations with ITV.

Sir Trevor will join Sky News presenter Julie Etchingham to front the programme, which will go head to head with the BBC’s news bulletin.

Mr Grade said the decision to move News at Ten ‘damaged ITV more than anything’.

Experts however believe the chairman is failing to recognise the power of internet news.

Chris Locke with media agency Starcom Worldwide said: ‘In a world of multichannel fragmentation, Mr Grade’s view is that the worst thing that ever happened was moving News at Ten, but with 24-hour and online news, if people want it they can get it.’

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