Lynda Bellingham 'cooking for England' since cancer diagnosis

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  • 6 August 2013
This week's Yours magazine

This week's Yours magazine

Lynda Bellingham has turned her kitchen into a "Middle Eastern food fest" since being diagnosed with cancer as she has been using her spare time to do more cooking

Lynda Bellingham has been "cooking for England" since being diagnosed with cancer.

The former 'Loose Women' panellist - who announced last month she has the deadly disease - has been taking to the kitchen in the early hours of the day to treat her family to luxury feasts as she has so much spare time on her hands due to her diagnosis.

Writing in her fortnightly column in Yours magazine, she told readers: "Forced to stay at home, I'm trying really hard to do something that's eluded me recently - just relax and potter.

"I love being at home but for the past five years I've hardly spent any time at all here. And when I have it's been just getting the house in order to go off touring and filming again. Now though all the laundry's getting done on time and everybody sits down to a fabulous dinner at night as I am cooking for England.

"Struggling to sleep (because of the heat, not worry) I found myself getting up to cook in the early hours the other day. Determined to use as much raw and healthy superfoods as possible, my kitchen looks like a Middle Eastern food fest as I test my favourite Yotam Ottolenghi recipes."

While Lynda was rocked by her diagnosis, she has been overwhelmed by the huge amount of public support she has received from fans.

She wrote: "What an eye opener it's been to realise how loved I actually am! And if truth be told, it's also very slightly embarrassing to someone who's never been overly full of self-esteem in the first place ... I genuinely never expected such an overwhelming public reaction to my news but I can't tell you what a huge boost all your kind messages of support have been to me."

Lynda's column appears in Yours Magazine, which is on sale every fortnight. This week's edition is out now.

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