Fly Club presents Aus Music Showcase

Fly Club presents Aus Music Showcase

London label brings a house music takeover

Over the last few years a vast wealth of new talent has come to define British house music. From producers like George FitzGerald and Dusky, to Bicep, Midland and Glimpse, the focus has returned squarely to the UK and what seems like a real renaissance on the underground. Enter AUS Music, one of the most exciting house labels of 2013. Home to all the aforementioned artists and some of the biggest club tracks of the last twelve months, it really is on another level.

But what makes AUS so essential? It could be a desire to keep things constantly moving – label boss Will Saul explains. ‘To be honest, I really hope the label isn’t getting recognised for a particular sound as this means we become predictable and in turn, boring. I try to approach A&R'ing by focusing on working with artists that have something that I feel is special and unique. I then let the artists lead the “sound of the label”.’

Playing alongside Midland at an exclusive showcase for Fly Club, Will is also a prolific producer in his own right and recently released a hotly anticipated album as new persona, CLOSE. Having presented the project with a live A/V show earlier this year, while also holding down sister label ‘Simple Records’, he’s a busy man. ‘I do all the A&R and in fact everything else for the labels as I run them on my own - with a little help from my wife. I look for something unique and fresh from an artist and we aim to release cutting edge electronic music that will blow people off their feet on the dancefloor’. Mission accomplished.

Cabaret Voltaire, 247 4704, 9 Aug, 11pm, £10 (£8).