Interview: sometime Lionrocker and Hacienda legend Justin Robertson

The i AM present: Justin Robertson

'2013 is in many ways a Golden Age for dance, but there's also a lot of balls and nonsense'

'I love primitive, visceral music,’ says sometime Lionrocker, high-profile remix capo and gentleman of the old school, way back to the Hacienda in the early 90s, Justin Robertson. ‘It’s what comes naturally; I’m not one for over-thinking or rehashing. I like to capture a mood and a moment. If it ain't working I bin it, or come back to it with fresh ears.’ He’s talking about the production of his first album in twelve years, The Pilgrim’s Ghost (under the alias Deadstock 33s), but he could well be talking about his attitude to a favoured and distinctive collision of the analogue and the electronic in general…

He points out it’s possibly unfair to use the ‘first in twelve years’ descriptor though, given that he’s created a lot of music in that time (including a Deadstock single alongside Daniel Avery on Optimo Music and an unreleased album as Thee Earls), but it’s as a DJ he remains most well-known. ‘I love it,’ he enthuses, ‘best job ever! To be honest the alias thing is just me not wanting to be a 'brand', I’m not cornflakes, The Deadstock sound is my DJ sound, I like to cover the firmament of jacking styles from oddball disco to techno. It’s all acid house to me.’

He describes 2013 as, ‘in many ways a Golden Age for dance,’ but he also says he hears, ‘a lot of balls and nonsense. The music I’m playing now is mindblowing; it takes the best of the past and puts in a 21st century context. I’m having a lot of fun and not worrying about the hype or "EDM" or whatever fly by night category anyone wants to think up, it’s just good to be playing great music to people who dig it and get it.’

Cabaret Voltaire, 247 4704, 8 Aug, 11pm, £4.

The Deadstock 33s - Swans

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