BINTM's Saffron says drama was exaggerated

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  • 2 August 2013
Saffron Williams

Saffron Williams

'Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model' contestant Saffron Williams thinks the explosive fights in the model house were just a misunderstanding

'Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model' star Saffron Williams says the drama in the house was "blown out of proportion".

The 19-year-old aspiring model, who was axed from the Sky Living HD show last night (01.08.13), and her closest friend Holly were branded "bullies" by fellow housemate Sarah Kennedy, who accused them of making snide comments and picking on the less confident girls.

However, Saffron insists the accusations were unfounded and the spat was simply a result of the mounting tension of the competition.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think what happened was that Sarah was listening to things Angel was saying, then throwing accusations around that were completely wrong and out of order. She shouldn't have said the things she said in that argument.

"It was all blown out of proportion. Me and Holly [Carpenter] throughout the whole programme were just ourselves and we were just real and honest and that's hard to take for some people.

"In the house it all gets a bit too much. Things change and the relationships change, and when you're living with girls 24/7, it's hard not to have conflicts. But obviously, I was Holly's friend, so I supported Holly all the way."

This week's photoshoot saw the girls pose with terrifying snakes draped around them, but Saffron insists she wasn't scared because judge Dannii Minogue - who has posed with the reptiles in the past - was at hand to offer advice.

She explained: "Dannii said throughout the competition, she'd never make us do something she hasn't done. So that makes us feel more comfortable because we know that she's experienced it as well.

"Having her on set was always helpful, she always made us feel at ease. It was a friendly face on the shoot and she was rooting you on to get a good picture.

"I think because it was her first series, she really got stuck in and she was so enthusiastic about everything."

'Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model' is sponsored by TRESemmé and airs Thursdays on Sky Living HD at 9pm.

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