Mario Falcone: I don't want a relationship on TV

Mario Falcone doesn't want to pursue a relationship on 'The Only Way is Essex' because it becomes "added" pressure and he would prefer to keep his love life private from now on

Mario Falcone

Mario Falcone

Mario Falcone doesn't want a relationship on 'The Only Way is Essex'.

The hunky reality star - who split from his co-star Lucy Mecklenburgh earlier this year after he admitted to cheating on her - is adamant he won't pursue a new romance on screen because it just becomes "added pressure" and he would rather keep his love life private from now on.

Speaking to new! magazine, he said: "I probably wouldn't want [a new girlfriend] on the show if I'm honest, because of the added pressure. It's very hard to have a relationship in the media."

The Italian stallion is keen to focus on his tailoring business for the next three months, while 'TOWIE' takes a summer break, but he admits he might not return to the show in the autumn if he becomes too involved in his work.

He explained: "I don't know yet. It all depends on what's happening with my life and a lot can change in three months. If I'm doing my tailoring and stuff, it might be that I want to focus on that. Or I could be in a relationship in three months' time and it might be that I don't want another relationship on TV."


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