YouTube looks to tackle online piracy with new software

  • 17 October 2007

A new function on YouTube will now automatically remove any copyright clips from the site in a bid to head off movie piracy.

The technology will give the owners of videos the power to choose whether material can appear on the Google-owned website – previously YouTube only removed videos when it was requested by copyright holders.

If owners opt in, they will also have the option to sell online advertising around the material.

The filter tool has gone some way to placate Hollywood studios over piracy issues, as the video-sharing website enjoys continued success.

Google bought YouTube for £835 million 11 months ago, and soon promised to take steps over copyright protection.

‘It has taken until now to get it right,’ said David King, a YouTube product manager.

Although lawyers are pleased that YouTube appears to be taking action over the issue of copyright infringement, others claim it does nothing about past discrepancies and won’t be enough to protect the future

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