Travel - Excess Baggage

Travel - Excess Baggage

Boldly going where no one else really wants to

•Ta ta Lonely Planet Thorn Tree! Farewell Facebook! Baggage has a new favourite website that we’re getting all evangelical about. It’s called Nothing To See Here ( and it’s just lovely. Run by mysterious Glaswegian blogger Anne Ward, Nothing To See Here is a collection of small travel nuggets of excellent writing celebrating off-beat, under-appreciated places around the UK. We’re actually a little bit behind – it’s been going since May 2006, and now employs a team of 19 writers, reporting on everything from model villages to idiosyncratic shops. The site is beginning to expand outwith the UK, too, covering a spectacular array of obscure international spots. The only place you might have heard of is Katz’s Deli in New York, site of Meg Ryan’s well-faked orgasm in When Harry Met Sally. The site is both a source of inspiration for unusual holidaymaking and the sort of forum that makes you look at ordinary things afresh. We think it’s about time the formica-topped table charms of Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae got the recognition they deserve.

• Although The List caters to both Edinburgh and Glasgow and loves them both equally, we do recognise that they are two cities divided by misunderstanding and prejudice (most of which concerns what you put on your fish and chips). Have you always wanted to make that trip along the M8, but are just not sure if you’d like it? Wonder no longer, because Visit Scotland have come up with a choose-your-own-adventure style video guide to both cities. After answering a series of not-too-taxing questions about your taste in city breaking, you’ll be presented with your own personal movie, packed with recommendations for shopping, eating and sight-seeing, allowing you to envisage yourself in the Other Place. Check it out at Go on. Together, we can spread a little love throughout the Central Belt.


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