Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle and Vicky Pattinson share a tent

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  • 30 July 2013
Gaz Beadle

Gaz Beadle

Gary Beadle and Vicky Pattinson are forced to spend the night together during a girly camping trip to the outback in Australia with their co-stars Charlotte and Holly

Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle and Vicky Pattinson are forced to share a tent.

The hunky reality star has no choice but to spend the night with the brunette beauty - who has recently split up with her fiancé Ricci Guarnaccio - during an outdoor trip with co-stars Charlotte Crosby and Holly Hagan on tonight's show (30.07.13), but Vicky seemed less than impressed with her new camping partner.

Speaking in tonight's episode, Vicky said: "I've drawn the short straw and I'm the one who's going to share the f***ing tent with Gaz. Chlamydia isn't airborne is it?"

The Newcastle natives are seemingly out of their depth as they have to spend the trip in "the middle of nowhere" with no electricity, no hot water, and no spray tans to achieve some much needed bonding time.

Vicky explained: "We get to the bush and it's dark, it smells a bit, it's a little bit spooky and there's always the fear of feral animals. So far, not good."

Charlotte adds: "It's so dark I can barely see my own hand in front of us. I bet there's a murderer here as well."

In what is set to be a hilarious encounter with nature, the group fear for their lives as they hear animal noises in the distance.

Holly said: "I'm thinking, right, I'm going to die."

'Geordie Shore' continues at 10pm tonight (30.07.13) on MTV.

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