Robin Thicke is anxious about album release

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  • 30 July 2013
Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke is nervous at the thought of his fans hearing his sixth studio album because it means so much to him

Robin Thicke is "terribly nervous" about the reaction to his new album.

The singer hopes his new record, 'Blurred Lines', will live up to the success of the three-times-platinum selling single of the same name now it has hit stores today (30.07.13), but he can't help but worry that fans will be disappointed.

He told MTV News: "One minute I'm very excited, the next I'm terribly nervous. Any time you release your music or you put something out there that you care very deeply about, you know, you're always a little scared. But for the most part, I'm always excited to give people my new music."

The smooth-talking star's sixth offering is a collection of R&B and dance tracks and he thinks the variety between the songs - which often reference his lovemaking skills - is the best thing about it.

Robin - who is married to actress Paul Patton - said: "I don't think there's as much unexpected [stuff] as it is the different styles of music that I always try to represent. I never try to be just one thing, or do one thing. I always try to mix up all different styles of music.

"And so I think sometimes people get surprised, like, 'Oh, this doesn't sound like that last song.' Well, this doesn't sound like the next song. So I think it's the good, and bad, that you can get something very fresh and never know what's coming next on my albums."

Robin Thicke

The Blurred Lines singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California, performs his chart-topping R&B and soul.

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