Interview - Aileen Campbell

Interview - Aileen Campbell

Rosie Lesso talks to Aileen Campbell about her current exhibition at Glasgow’s Transmission.

RL Your performative practice takes place in a range of formats and contexts. How would you define it?

AC Generally I want to become embedded in both music and visual art. I relish being able to straddle both camps because there is no distance between them really.

RL Many of your performances are concerned with the voice and its relationship to the human body. What are your most recent developments?

AC My practice since finishing college moved towards solo performance, but this changed with my current show at Transmission. I felt it was important to remove myself from the framing of the lens in order to address the performed event from a distance.

RL Can you tell us about the work at Transmission?

AC Well, I asked the men who feature in the Transmission videos to choose the music themselves, but within a certain genre. Alex’s character had to change with the sonic intervention of the orchestra and ultimately his faltering voice, whereas Thomas has a tightly coded understanding of the structure of dance music and its requirement for unrelenting strict time.

Transmission, Glasgow, until Sat 20 Oct.

Aileen Campbell: Starform

Photography exhibition that examines sounding as a local structure.

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