Selena Gomez's album inspired by Taylor Swift

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  • 25 July 2013
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez took her inspiration for her new album, 'Stars Dance' from her pal Taylor Swift and credits the blonde beauty for helping her make the transition from teenage girl to young woman

Selena Gomez's new album was inspired by Taylor Swift.

The 'Come and Get It' hitmaker credits the blonde beauty for encouraging her put a mature spin on her new studio collection 'Stars Dance' and believes her pal is responsible for helping her make the transition from teenage girl to young woman.

Speaking to CNN, she said: "The past year and a half has been really transitional for me, just personally, as well as transitioning into becoming a woman.

"I still feel like I'm 15 sometimes and then other times, I'm wanting to feel comfortable in my body and my skin."

The 21-year-old Disney star - who is known for playing Alex Russo in the award-winning TV series 'Wizards of Waverly Place' - admits she's proud of her album because she's been able to put her full attention into creating it.

She explained: "I was able to have full creative control over it. Before, I would have maybe a month or two to record an album, and I'd have to do my series at the same time and tour on the weekends. I wasn't in the right mindset to fully give my all."

With a 64-date arena tour set for the near future, the actress-and-singer admits she's already penning some tracks for her next album and is hoping to take a hiatus from acting for the time being in order to focus on music.

She said: "I'm already in the studio now. I actually started working on new stuff and creating a whole fun, different vibe. It's constantly evolving. I'm super-stoked with where this is, and hopefully it will continue to just get better."

Taylor Swift

The country starlet takes her incredibly catchy songs of love and loss on her 1989 tour in support of album of the same name.

Selena Gomez

The actress and singer performs her pop and dance hits.

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