Ricky Rayment wants kids with Jessica

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  • 25 July 2013
Ricky Rayment

Ricky Rayment

'The Only Way is Essex' star Ricky Rayment wants to have kids with his girlfriend Jessica Wright

Ricky Rayment wants to have kids with Jessica Wright.

The 'Only Way is Essex' star recently admitted to cheating on the brunette in the early stages of their relationship, but is hoping to put the infidelity behind him and start a family with his girlfriend.

Ricky said: "I want to have kids with Jess. I used to say, 'Let's leave all that for a while, but now I'm sort of ready. I get broody!"

Jess added: "We watched 'One Born Every Minute' recently and Ricky was all like, 'I want one'. I said, 'Absolutely not!' Maybe, but I'd want to get married first."

However, the 27-year-old star still isn't sure she can trust the 22-year-old hunk, especially since her brother and former co-star Mark Wright is sceptical their romance can last.

Jess explained: "[Mark's] dubious. He isn't against Ricky - he likes him - but he did ask me, 'How will you trust him again?' Mark said, 'If you idolise someone, no matter how early on in the relationship, you just don't cheat'. He'd never look at any girl other than Michelle [Keegan]."

The wannabe popstar is adamant she wouldn't give her beau a third chance should he cheat on her again.

She added to Now magazine: "I've got to the point now where I've been hurt sop much that I don't actually know what else could hurt me. So I think there no point worrying. If it happened again, I'll find out and leave him."

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