Matt Johnson: I nearly committed suicide

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  • 24 July 2013
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson used to drink two bottles of whisky a day which caused him to spiral out of control and left him contemplating suicide

Matt Johnson once contemplated committing suicide after drinking two bottles of whisky a day.

The 30-year-old presenter - who has suffered from depression since his 20s - nearly plunged to his death during a trip to Spain three years ago after a six-day-bender left him out of control.

He told Now magazine: "I went away alone at Christmas 2009 to my parents' holiday home in the Costa del Sol. I had all these plans to go running every day, see the Picasso Museum, go wine tasting and all these cultural things to get my mind back on track.

"But it rained nonstop, so I had nothing to do but drink - and I drank heavily.

"I could get a bottle of Jim Beam whisky for €6 at the local shop, so I drank two bottles a day.

"I felt s**t. I'd wake up and the front door would be open, bits of sick were everywhere and I was worried about myself. But instead of combating it I just drank more and got in such a state. I just thought, there's no way out apart from ... you know.

"I had suicidal thoughts. One day I looked over the balcony and I felt nothing. I was empty.

"I remember there was a slight breeze when I put one leg up onto the balcony ... Suddenly I thought, 'What the f**k are you doing, you d******d?' And I burst into tears.

"The next day was Christmas Eve. I'd been on a bender for six days. I cleaned myself up, shaved my hair off. Then I went home."

The 'This Morning' star is currently taking part in ITV's Saturday night entertainment show 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' in a bid to raise awareness of depression and raise money for the mental health charity, Mind, and he hopes speaking about his past experiences will help other people.

He explained: "Hopefully my story can help others."

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