Geordie Shore's Gary clashes with James

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  • 23 July 2013
Gary Beadle clashes with James Tindale

Gary Beadle clashes with James Tindale

Gary Beadle and Scott Timlin clash with co-star James Tindale in tonight's (23.07.13) episode of 'Geordie Shore', which results in Gary vowing to never speak to James again

Gary Beadle and Scott Timlin clash with James Tindale in tonight's (23.07.13) 'Geordie Shore'.

James flies into a "fit" of rage when Gary and Scott start chatting to a couple of women during a night out, leaving their co-star - the only one of the trio who has a girlfriend - out in the cold, and following the bust up, Gary vows to never speak to James again.

He says: "I'm trying to convince James to stay, I'm trying me best, I want him to stay, I want him to get involved.

"Two girls come over, start talking to me and Scott, and out the blue he has a fit."

James adds: "Gaz is full of s**t. After that massive speech about the lads not pulling, up rocks two birds."

Gaz says: "From now on I will never ever ever ever ever talk to him again. Why? Cos he's a f***in' prick."

The trio's female co-stars Vicky Pattinson, Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby insist they are not shocked to see the lads arguing after spending so much time with each other in the same house.

Vicky says: "James has reached the end of his tether with Gary and Scott and I'm not surprised. He's made no secret of the fact that he wants to be more integrated and spend more time with the lads but he can't when they're pulling, he's got a girlfriend and this to me just seems like the final straw."

Holly adds: "This has been coming for so long, there was tension there. It's built for so long it's just finally blew up."

As well as the argument, tonight's third episode of the sixth series - which is filmed in Australia - will see some loving Down Under courtesy of Scott and Holly, but Gary worries the muscle man will regret getting jiggy with it with his purple-haired co-star come the morning.

He says: "Holly and Scott are taking getting on well to a different level, I'm thinking I'm off to bed and Scott is gonna regret this in the morning."

Tonight's 'Geordie Shore' episode airs at 10pm on MTV.

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