Paul Hollywood's US show set for axe

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  • 23 July 2013
Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood's 'American Baking Competition' is set to be axed after only managing to attract 5.8 million viewers in the US

Paul Hollywood's 'American Baking Competition' is set to be axed after failing to pull in viewers.

The TV baker's dreams of making it in the US are crumbling fast as his show only managed to attract 5.8 million viewers at its peak, putting it in jeopardy with network CBS.

Paul, 46, has staked a great deal on the programme, and even split from his wife of 15 years, Alexandra, for his co-star Marcela Valladolid.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "Hollywood's chances of stardom are on the rocks.

"He has not made an impression like [chef] Gordon Ramsay or [reality TV judge] Simon Cowell did in their first shows.

"But with the marriage split, the PR drive for the show went askew and both Marcela and Hollywood stayed away from a heavy publicity drive."

The insider also speculated how the show's lack of success could affect Paul's relationship with Marcela.

The source added: "For Hollywood it means he may have to spend many months apart from Marcela.

"She is a very ambitious, career-minded woman. She may not be around that much."

Sources close to the series are not expecting it to be renewed in the autumn, with some blaming Paul's Liverpudlian accent for affecting his chances of success.

A source told the Mail On Sunday newspaper: "We've all been waiting for CBS to tell us if they were going to pick us up for a second series and this week the call came in saying it's not being renewed and we should take alternative employment offers.

"Critics hated it and the ratings were abysmal. None of us are particularly surprised, to be honest."

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