Big Brother fans slam Sophie and Sam nomination

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  • 22 July 2013
Sophie Lawrence

Sophie Lawrence

'Big Brother' fans have vented their frustrations after show favourites Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans were put up for eviction in a shock twist

'Big Brother' fans have slammed the decision to put Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans up for eviction.

The 20-year-old beauty and 23-year-old cheeky chap were told they had gained immunity from the public vote after being chosen by their fellow housemates to move into the luxury Safe House section of the Channel 5 reality show's abode.

But in a shock twist as part of the programme's Secrets and Lies theme, the pair - who will choose another housemate to join them in the Safe House tonight (22.07.13) - were then informed they are up for eviction, much to the disappointment of several of the show's fans.

One wrote: "i'm p***ed off at big brother, sam OR sophie cannot go ok (sic)"

Another suggested Big Brother had chosen the twist as a way of ensuring Hazel O'Sullivan - who has been slammed by fans after she claimed Daley Ojuederie had been "aggressive" towards her, after he put his hands around her throat, resulting in him being booted off the show - will remain in the house.

One tweeted: "#bbuk stupidest thing ever. Sam and Sophie are the best two. It is like big brother is doing everything they can to stop hazel being evicted (sic)"

After playing a part in getting Daley kicked-off the show last week, Hazel said she wanted him to return to the house but she has now suggested she was just being "mischievous" and is now keen to cause trouble because she is "sick of everybody" in the house.

She said: "I've taken everything from every person that I can.

"This is the real me. I'm mischievous, I want to cause trouble. That's what happens when I'm bored.

"I'm bored of everybody now. No-one is interesting me any more.

"I've had a week now where I'm bored, no-one interests me in the slightest. I'm sick of everybody."

A show insider told the Daily Star newspaper: "She's a clever girl and not as innocent as she would have you believe. She reckons she's going to cause trouble in the coming days so let's see what she comes up with."

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